The Great Gandolfini | Porter

We brewed up Edwort's Porter last night. We've never done a 10 Gal batch with almost 28 lbs of grain so we split the grain between 2 mash tuns. Should be a great beer. Named in honor of the late James Gandolifini. 

Brewed 7/12/13
OG 1.061




It's been a minute, more like 6 months since the last time we brewed together. Needless to say last night was a hot and sweaty reunion. ; )

Brewed up an IPA, NB's Dead Ringer. OG was 1.057, a little under (1.064) but it should make for a good session beer.


SMSH bitter

the may brewclub comp is for SMSH beers (single malt, single hop). yesterday I made an english-style bitter using gambrinus esb malt, glacier hops, and wy1028 london ale yeast. I've used the esb malt a couple times to brew my oldboy esb recipe, it's similar to maris otter in the the chewy/malty/toasty/nutty way. I'm also a big fan of glacier hops which I think gives a nice spicy orange marmalade kind of flavor with some smooth bitterness. The wy1028 was actually picked up by mistake- I meant to get london esb, not london ale- but oh well, I've never used the 1028 before and I'm interested to see what they mean by "rich, mineral profile."

 I also did a single decoction for this batch which is a little unusual. after my hour mash at 152f, I pulled about 6-7qts of the thick mash out of the mash tun and boiled it on the stove for 30min. this is a single malt beer, so I was hoping to caramelize the pale malt for color and a little more flavor complexity. after boiling the thick mash, I added it back to the mash tun, bringing the whole thing up to mashout temp. then, I recirculated and sparged as usual.
 this is the first runnings without the decoction
 this is the liquid from the decocted mash. it definitely picked up some color. the grains really softened up and gelatinized through this process. it also increased my efficiency too, my og ended up at 1.058 instead of 1.050.
 you can see the color I picked up through the decoction. I would say my srm is closer to 10 than the 5-6 that was calculated. so, that worked. we'll have to give it a few weeks to check the flavor contributions.
still working out some of the kinks in the brew stand, but it's been doing a little work.


merrill's hard cider

a couple weeks ago, I scored some raw apple cider on the cheap from farnsworth cider mill which is a few blocks from my house. so, of course, I decided to ferment 5 gallons of it.
 I started by mixing the cider with 4lbs. of light brown sugar and dosed with campden tablets for about 36hrs to kill off any wild yeast.
 I made a starter of the wyeast cider using some light dme and part of the raw cider along with a bunch of yeast nutrient and energizer.
after the campdem tabs had time to work and settle out, I aerated the must and pitched the cider yeast. after a week in primary, the gravity had dropped to around 1.000, so I moved to secondary and let it give my berlinerweisse some company in one of the warmer rooms in the house.



Made a few meads today.

2 Gallons of Grape - OG 1.074
1 Gallon of White Grape Cherry - OG 1.084


baker's tap

  • NZ pale ale (?.?%abv)
  • kimosabe red (5.5%abv)
  • [primary] bunch of mead and cider
  • [secondary] bunch more mead and cider

merrill's tap

  • fender tremelo (7.1%abv)
  • gibson rickenbacker (6.49%abv)
  • IPA (6.7% abv)
  • {nitro} McFricker Stout (5.5%abv)
  • [secondary] merrill's hard cider
  • [gettin' sour] derBrynnerweisse

in the ferminator

  • nothingmaker :( (og0.000)
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